How much money Uber Driver makes? Case Study


I have take collection of answers from different drivers (their earnings, their experience).

Carolina Rodriguez :

I have been driving since early 2014 for both Uber and Lyft in San Francisco. Also spent time on Sidecar and Wingz. I used to drive over 40 hours per week and am now driving less, 10-20 hrs per week. When I’m not driving I spend time looking at my earnings and have noticed a few important earnings trends. The trends IMO are the most important thing to look at here. So here goes my sample of earnings I pulled over time:


Over 10 days of work in July 2014, I earned an average of $11.32 per trip.

  • In January 2015, I earned an average of $9.83 per trip.
  • In July 2015, I earned an average of $9.42 per trip.
  • In December 2015, I earned an average of $9.48 per trip.

While my total trips per week has fluctuated significantly as I have done other part-time work here and there, this is around a 20% change in earnings per trip.

So in July 2014 if I did 100 trips a week (below average for then) I would have earned around $1132. Last December, that would have been $948.

Here’s a screenshot of the December 2015 earnings I calculated from. I did the same for the other date ranges using SherpaShare.

I’ll update this in July 2016 to add to the trend! Thanks for reading – Carolina Rodriguez,

The following account of my Saturday night has been my experience more often than not lately. Uber dropped the fares in LA by 20% for the Winter, which was a huge drag because my income plummeted. They announced a week or two ago they were raising them “back” now that Summer is here. What they fail to mention is that “back” doesn’t mean restoring the 20% that was cut. But, in fact, only raised them 5%. I guess they think drivers all have amnesia. But don’t even get me started on Uber’s misleading marketing.

I went out for a few hours tonight, a Saturday night mind you, supposedly the busiest time of the week. Here, in Los Angeles, the largest car metropolis on Earth, I made a whopping $32 in span of about 4 1/2 hours. Know, though, that I went off the clock for about 30 minutes to grab a bite. So, that leaves me a whopping 8 bucks an hour for each of the four hours I gave up my Saturday night for. And that’s BEFORE gas. I’ve found that my gas runs my approximately a third of my total payout. So, tonight I expect I made about FIVE bucks an hour.

Tonight was going so pitifully I just gave up and came home.

This looks like other nights I’ve worked recently where my Uber payout wasn’t even enough to cover my gas (drive a Jeep Liberty).

Granted, there are a few nights here and there, if I go in and only work the peak hours, where I’ll clear 20 bucks an hour, but there aren’t enough of them to make up for nights like tonight. I’m making less than minimum wage and wrecking a nice vehicle in the process.

If I were to add in the cost of the new tires I just had to buy and the sunroof that now needs fixing, I’m quite certain I’m actually paying to drive strangers around town. It’s important to remember that driving people around in your car (often four plus yourself) is really hard on your car. Much more wear and tear on the suspension and the brakes. And the milage I get when driving for Uber is really poor, right at about 11 or 12 miles to a gallon (though when driving just myself I get about 15 in the city and 18 on the highway.)

I’m trying to jump off of this sinking ship as fast as I can. Last Summer I walked away from a career in IT hoping Uber would let me do some other things in life I enjoy, like making music and climbing. Shame it didn’t work out. I think the joke is on Uber drivers. I still meet people who think we make a lot and I think Uber has coasted on that buzz built in the early days. Attrition will catch up to them at some point though, nobody wants to work for peanuts. – Troy Dalmasso

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