3 Tinder Tricks That Gets you more Swipe Rights & Likes



In fact, If you have a Tinder profile, or use any dating apps currently, you’re increasing your chances of finding the right person but take a close look at your profile. The key to making the right match is in the profile.

Without getting too deep into psychology how you present yourself from the very first picture is a clear indication of how you feel about yourself. Dating apps are almost perfect self-reflections of who we think we are. For this reason many people find the same success or failure meeting people via apps as they do in real life.

This wouldn’t be a bad thing accept what I’ve found with apps such as Tinder, and Bumble. The more matches you get the more members they show you.

If you aren’t matching with more people then you’ll get stuck seeing the same options over and over or worse, running out.

No more people near you means you’re playing the game as the app was intended. So the goal is to make more matches so that you’re shown more of the people you actually like instead of the lames that also don’t have matches.
So how do you get more swipes right?


For most of the dating apps available today, looks play a huge role in your success.

Choose four great photos that and don’t include a body shot.
Make sure your last photo is the best.

Do not include any other friends (especially of the opposite sex) in your photos.

Make sure your photo isn’t too close to the camera.

Make sure you’re smiling or laughing in at least one of the photos.

Make sure your phone isn’t in your selfie.

Don’t include photos that are blurry or too far away, it will make people think you’re ugly.
Distorted photos send the message that you’re trying to hide something, or are too lazy to find a good photo of yourself.

Don’t connect your Instagram! Tinder is now giving you the option to connect your Instagram account, but don’t! Online dating is shrouded in mystery and an Instagram profile encourages people to dig for clues into who you are.

Unfortunately, the average Instagram account isn’t curated for dissection. If you aren’t sending the right message via your social media account the last thing you need are strangers trying to decipher your photos.
You could be damaging your image by including an Instagram profile that includes photos that weren’t vetted for quality.


Make your profile short and to the point.

If you’re not funny don’t try to be.
Sound upbeat and positive.
Short phrases and emojis are acceptable.

Change it weekly.

If those are not your kids in the photo say so!

For most dating apps the bio is an after thought. If you are patient enough to read bios think about what you would be screening for and apply similar standards to your own. The secret to success with dating apps realizing it’s all about the yes. What can you do to get someone to say; I’m interested in knowing more.

You just have to get your foot through the door. Just making a match is only the beginning of the process. You still have the challenge of taking the online meeting to offline dating.


The idea that swiping right on everyone is a Tinder hack, it isn’t. Swiping right on every profile makes you seem desperate and unbiased which is incredibly unattractive. The Tinder algorithm hates this behavior and on apps like Bumble, they will flag you. So what should you do? Swipe right on the people who are most likely to date you as well as who you want to date. Everyone has a type that they can pull. Someone who without fail they’re likely to be hit on in a bar or find themselves hitting it off with if they met in person. If you know the “type” who likes you, swipe right on them to increase your matches, which makes you cool in the eyes of Tinder.

I’m no engineer but as an avid user of Tinder, I seem to find more success the more matches I make, so I always swipe right on the guys who I believe are most likely to swipe right on me. This means getting a match, which makes me seem popular and likely to get more options to match with.

Don’t be so selective when swiping left or right because its not real until you meet in person. Also, have standards. If you don’t set standards in dating then you’re sending the message that you’re desperate. So in order to maintain your value, make you’re swiping discerning. I hope this was helpful.

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