How to Use Relaince Jio 4G Sim? Find Out


For using a JIO 4G Sim card, the primary requirement is having a 4G LTE phone preferrably a VoLTE  enabled phone. Jio 4G SIM enables you to access high speed data for browsing, video streaming, video calling, downloading and much more at really really astounding speeds.

Reliance Jio Sim

Also if your phone is VoLTE enabled which actually means you can use it to make high definition voice calls on the LTE network, you can enjoy talking to your friends, relatives using your SIM . The sound quality of the call is high definition and on the very first experience of a VoLTE call using the JIO sim, you would be able to recognise crystal clear difference in the quality of the call, as compared to a voice call using a 2G sim. This VoLTE call employs  background noise cancellation techniques, so as to give you a crystal clear sound quality and an ever-lasting experience which would make Jio your first choice.

Don’t worry if you have an LTE enabled phone which doesn’t support VoLTE calls, you can download a soft client call Jio-Join using the app-store and be able to enjoy voice calling on your Jio Sim.

For testing the speeds of your JIO sim, I suggest you to please download Jio Play app and watch movies, your favorite daily soap episodes, live matches in full HD quality without buffering. You can even use the app to record your daily shows and their episodes, a movie , or even a match and play it at your pleasure. You can watch shows which you might have missed using the catch-up functionality of the app, you just need to scroll to the specific time along the channel and you can comfortably enjoy your shows without ever worrying to miss them.

Some people would say Hot-star also gives similar functionality, to this I would say please compare the video quality in both the apps and you will get your answer.

So, these are some few ways to relish the amazing experience of this very small yet the most powerful, Jio sim.


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